For our Guests

       For I was hungry, and you            gave Me something to eat...

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.​

                                   Mark 16:15



           We are a group of Christians who enjoy meeting together to worship God. When you visit with us you will find that we partake of The Lord's Supper each Sunday and sing a cappella.  Visitors should expect to hear sermons and lessons based on the Bible. Guests are encouraged to participate in our worship. We have Bible Classes for all ages. We hope you come to our services so that we can meet you and encourage you. 

     We were all once visitors too!  You may have some questions about our congregation.  We did too! We only ask that you will give us a chance to answer your questions.

     Lakeside church of Christ moved to the current building in early 2000. Our previous locations included Walnut Street and Peoria Road. 

Mission + Vision