Sermons of 2015

Sunday Sermons    

   All sermons are presented  by Jeffrey McNeal unless otherwise noted. This page is maintained by Tim Hattemer.

​5-24-2015 AM  Let No One Despise Your Youth  -  Robert Murphy

5-24-2015 PM  Can't Hide From The Light

6-7-2015 AM  The church At Sardis

6-7-2015  PM  Have We Repented Or Reported

6-14-2015 AM  The church At Philidelphia

6-14-2015 PM  A Focused Life  (sermon link is missing at this time)

6-21-2015 AM  Jesus Man Of Compassion - Robert Murphy

6-21-2015 PM  Making Dad Glad

6-28-2015 AM  Peace Perfect Peace  -  Josh Buchanan

6-28-2015 PM  Crying Out Hallelujah

7-5-2015 AM  The church At Laodicia

7-5-2015 PM  American Idols

7-12-2015 AM  The Friends Of The Paralytic  -  Robert Murphy

7-12-2015 PM  Power Of Prayer

7-19-2015 AM  Jesus - Lion and Lamb

7-26-2015 AM  Jesus - Seed Of Woman

7-26-2015 PM  Walk By The Spirit

8-2-2015 AM  Jesus - The High Priest

8-2-2015 PM  Zeal Sermon

8-9-2015 AM  My Spiritual Growth  -  Robert Murphy

8-9-2015 PM  The Name Of God

8-23-2015 AM  Paul Finds The Good  -  Phil Beauchamp

8-23-2015 PM  Isaiah 40  -  Phil Breezeel

8-30-2015 AM  Jesus - Preaching With Purpose

9-6-2015 AM  Worldly Wisdom VS Foolish Faith

9-13-2015 AM  Jesus - Preaching With Passion

9-13-2015 PM  Let The Angels Rejoice

9-20-2015  See Gospel Meeting

9-27-2015 AM  Being An Effective Doer For God- Art Cornell

10-4-2015 AM  The Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree

10-4-2015 PM  Developing An Attitude Of Gratitude

10-11-2015 PM  Preparing Preachers WV SOP  -  Andy Robinson

10-25-2015 AM  The Pearl Of Great Price

11-1-2015 AM  Absolute Love

11-1-2015 PM  Being A Servant Of God

11-22-2015 AM  Actions Speak Louder Than Words

12-6-2015 AM  God Demands Direction & Not Perfection

12-6-2015 PM  Its All About Heaven

12-13-2015 AM  Walking By Faith

12-13-2015 PM  Built To Last

12-20-2015 AM  Created For A Purpose

12-20-2015 PM  For As Often As We Eat This Bread

12-27-2015 AM  Wise Men Still Seek Him

12-27-2015 PM  Let The Dead Arise