Sermons 2016

​​​Sunday Sermons   
All sermons are presented  by Jeffrey McNeal unless otherwise noted. This page is maintained by Tim Hattemer.

01-03-2016 AM  No Man Is An Island

01-03-2016 PM  Digging Up The Dead Man

01-10-2016 AM  Count It All Joy

01-10-2016 PM  The Danger Of An Empty House

01-17-2016 AM  Corinth An Example of Godly Sorrow And Repentance by Tim Hattemer

01-17-2016 PM  Fear by Phil Beauchamp

01-24-2016 AM  How Can They Tell You're A Christian by Phil Breezeel

01-24-2016 PM  Wisdom And Folly by Art Cornell

01-31-2016 AM  Lord Give Me Patience...But Hurry

02-07-2016 AM  How Do We Become God's Friend?

02-07-2016 PM  Biblical Illiteracy

02-14-2016 AM  Esteem Them Very Highly In Love!

02-21-2016 AM  A Clean Slate

02-28-2016 AM Who is Jehovah That I Should Commit To Him by Tim Hattemer

02-28-2016 PM  Choose Joy by Phil Beauchamp

03-06-2016 AM  Fellowship With God

03-06-2016 PM  Eyes Wide Open

03-13-2016 AM  God's Providential Care

03-13-2016 PM  Be Not Ashamed

03-20-2016 AM  The Spiritual Minded Man

03-20-2016 PM  Blood Brothers!

03-27-2016 AM  Love Wins Every Time

04-03-2016 AM  Better Together

04-10-2016 AM  What Does It Mean To Preach Jesus

04-10-2016 PM  To Him It Is Sin

04-24-2016 PM  What Is The Church

05-01-2016 AM  Decisions That Diety Demands Of Husbands And Wives by Lovell Hayes

05-01-2016 PM  Becoming A Member Of The NT Church

05-08-2016 AM  What If The Church Was Like Me by Phil Breezeel

05-08-2016 PM  Lessons From The Prayer Of Jesus John 17 by Tim Hattemer

05-15-2016 AM  Why I Became And Stay A Christian by Jon Smith

05-15-2016 PM  The Authority Of The NT Church

05-22-2016 AM  The Danger Of UnGodly Fellowship

05-29-2016 AM  God Is Love

05-29-2016 PM  The Organization Of The NT Church

06-05-2016 AM  Devoted To Fellowship 

06/05/2016 PM  The Worship Of The NT Church

06-12-2016 AM  It's Our Choice

​06-12-2016 PM  The Work Of The NT Church

06-19-2016 AM  Compassion by Jon Smith

06-19-2016 PM  Our Father God

06-26-2016 AM  Gentleness by Lyndon Gabbert

06-26-2016 PM  Betrayal Of Jesus by Phil Beauchamp

07-03-2016 AM  Restoring The Broken Bonds Of Fellowship

07-03-2016 PM  The Pharisaical Set

07-17-2016 AM  Dress For Success

07-17-2016 PM  Ready For Every Good Work

07-24-2016 AM Standing In The Grace Of God

07-31-2016 AM  The Pure In Heart

08-07-2016 AM  Prepared For Spiritual Life By Jon Smith

08-14-2016 AM  What Hinders Fellowship

08-14-2016 PM  The Cross Of Christ

08-21-2016 AM  Biblical Forgetting by Art Cornell

08-28-2016 AM  Faith Or Fear

08-28-2016 PM  Overcoming Worldly Values

09-04-2016 AM  Unity Is The Key

09-04-2016 PM  Faith That Can Move Mountains

09-11-2016 AM  Grateful For The Children Of God

09-11-2016 PM  God's Amazing Grace

09-17-2016 - 09-18-2016  Science Vs Evolution by Dr. Jeff Miller

Session 1  Intro And Theistic Evolution

Session 2  The Big Bang, Thermodynamics And Causality

Session 3  Probability, Biogenesis, And Mutation

Session 4  Evolutions Evidence Part 1

Session 5  Evolutions Evidence Part 2

Session 6  Why Be An Atheist?

09-25-2016 AM  The Glory Of The Cross

09-25-2016 PM  The End Of The World As We Know It

10-02-2016 AM  The Joy Of Others

10-02-2016 PM  How To Rise To The Top

10-09-2016 AM  When Is A Command Not A Command

10-09-2016 PM  Using Ones Caller ID

10-16-2016 AM  The Spirit Of Apathy

10-16-2016 PM  The Fear Of The Lord

10-23-2016 AM  Understanding Spiritual Worship

10-23-2016 PM  Where Do We Turn To In Times Of Need

10-30-2016 AM  Give A Little, Get A Little

11-06-2016 AM  If You Don't Fellowship Now, You Won't Fellowship Later

11-06-2016 PM  Finding True Happiness

11-13-2016 AM  No Problems Just Plans

11-13-2016 PM  The Graciousness Of God

11-20-2016 AM  The Truth Shall Make You Free

11-20-2016 PM  Termites In The Church

12-04-2016 AM  Ezekiel Prophet Of Judgement

12-04-2016 PM  Ezekiel Prophet Of Hope

12-11-2016 AM  Idols

12-11-2016 PM  Being A Light

12-18-2016 AM  Why I Am A Faithful Christian

12-18-2016 PM  The Mission Of The Church