Sermons 2017

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01-08-2017 AM  The Word Of God Is A Sword

01-08-2017 PM  Hebrews 1  It Is Better Now Than Then

01-15-2017 AM  The Cross Of Christ

01-15-2017 PM  Decisions

01-22-2017 AM  The Blessing Of Bible Study

01-29-2017 AM  To Be The Salt and Light Of The World

02-05-2017 AM  Prayer

02-12-2017 AM  Unity And Its Enemy Division

02-12-2017 PM  The Writing On The Wall

02-19-2017 AM  Worship In Truth - Singing

02-26-2017 AM  An Effectual Doer Of The Word

02-26-2017 PM  You Might Be Walking In Darkness

03-05-2017 AM  Why Be A Dedicated Christian 

03-05-2017 PM  5 Steps To Devil Proofing Your Life

03-12-2017 AM  Why Am I A Christian

03-12-2017 PM  Why Am I A Christian II

03-19-2017 AM  Taking Up Our Cross, Being A Disciple

03-19-2017 PM  Keeping Our Focus​

03-26-2017 AM  Its The Thought That Counts

03-26-2017 PM  God Uses Ordinary People

04-02-2017 AM  Reaching Your Full Potential

04-02-2017 PM  When Satan Comes Knocking

04-09-2017 AM  Overcoming Temptation

04-09-2017 PM  The Work In Cameroon

04-16-2017 AM  Remember Our King, God

04-16-2017 PM  God Is With Us Always

04-23-2017 AM  What Must I Do To Be Saved

04-23-2017 PM  Our Shepherd

05-07-2017 AM  The Wrath Of God

05-07-2017 PM  I John 4:7-21

05-14-2017 AM  The Real Thing

05-14-2017 PM  Lessons From Acts 5:1-11

05-21-2017 AM  How To Say Hello

05-21-2017 PM  The Three Mistakes Of Eve

05-28-2017 AM  God's Role In The Work Of The Church

05-28-2017 PM  Christ Seen In Philemon

06-04-2017 AM  Meditating On These Things

06-04-2017 PM  Introducing Matthew

06-11-2017 AM  The Work Of The Elder

06-11-2017 PM  Introducing Mark

06-18-2017 PM  Introducing Luke

06-25-2017 AM  The Work Of The Evangelist

06-25-2017 PM  Introducing John

07-02-2017 AM  A Heart Prepared For Bible Study

07-02-2017 PM  Introducing Acts

07-09-2017 AM  The Work Of Christian Women

07-09-2017 PM  Introducing Romans

07-23-2017 AM  A People With A Mind To Work

07-30-2017 AM  When Blessings Become A Curse

08-06-2017 AM  What It Means To Be Devoted

08-06-2017 PM  Introducing Galations

08-13-2017 AM  Seek Ye First

08-13-2017 PM  Introducing Ephesians

​08-20-2017 AM  Jesus' Prescription For Overcoming Anxiety And Worry

08-20-2017 PM  Introducing Philippians

08-27-2017 AM  True Praise For God

08-27-2017 PM  Introducing Colossians

09-03-2017 AM  The Old Testament

09-03-2017 PM  Introducing I Thessalonians

09-10-2017 AM  5 Stumblingblocks That Make Christianity Appear Unattractive

09-10-2017 PM  Introducing II Thessalonians

09-17-2017 AM  5 Ways To Make Christianity More Attractive

09-17-2017 PM  Introducing I Timothy

10-01-2017 AM  The Greatest Story Ever Told

10-01-2017  PM  Introducing II Timothy

10-06-2017 S1  Spiritual Giftedness Session 1

10-06-2017 S2  Spiritual Giftedness Session 2

10-07-2017 S3  Spiritual Giftedness Session 3

10-07-2017 S4  Spiritual Giftedness Session 4

10-08-2017 BS  Spiritual Giftedness Session 5

10-08-2017 AM  Spiritual Giftedness Session 6

10-08-2017 PM  Introducing Titus

10-15-2017 PM  Introducing Philemon

10-22-2017 AM  A Question Of Authority

10-22-2017 PM  Joy

10-29-2017 AM  Prove All Things

11-05-2017 AM  Rightly Handling The Word Of Truth

11-12-2017 AM  Ananias

11-12-2017 PM  Introducing Hebrews

11-19-2017 AM  Dealing With Distress

11-19-2017 PM  Introducing James

11-26-2017 AM  Abraham's Faith

11-26-2017 PM  Introducing I Peter

12-03-2017 AM  An Introduction To Your Bible

12-03-2017 PM  Introducing II Peter

12-10-2017 AM  What Does The Bible Say About Being Saved

12-10-2017 PM  Introducing I John

12-17-2017 AM  What Does The Bible Say About The Church Jesus Built

12-17-2017 PM  Introducing II John

12-24-2017 AM  What Does The Bible Say About Worship

12-24-2017 PM  Introducing III John

12-31-2017 AM  Understanding Biblical Love

12-31-2017 PM  Setting Spiritual Goals