Sermons 2018

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01-07-2018 AM  Building A Deeper Love For Jesus As Our Savior

01-07-2018 PM  Introduction To Jude

01-14-2018 AM  Non-Conversions In Acts

01-14-2018 PM  Introduction to Revelation

01-21-2018 AM  Principles Of Peace

​02-18-2018 AM  It Is Well With My Soul

02-18-2018 PM  Prisons, Beatings, and Men's Commands

02-25-2018 AM  What Is Edification

02-25-2018 PM  The Spiritual Blessings Of Christianity

03-04-2018 AM  Building A Deeper Love For Jesus As Our Creator

03-04-2018 PM  Alive And One In Christ

03-11-2018 AM  The 5 R's Of Repentence

03-11-2018 PM  The Work In The Ukraine

Ladies Day Lesson by Vicky Yocum

03-17-2018  AM  Do Not Worry

Ladies Day Lesson by Vicky Yocum

03-18-2018 AM  Considering Humility

03-18-2018 PM  Revealing The Mystery

03-25-2018 AM  Grief Which Could Have Been Avoided

03-25-2018 PM  Growing Together In Christ

04-01-2018 PM  God's Reaction When People Complain

04-08-2018 AM  Service Is Not About Me

04-08-2018 PM  Being Followers Of God

04-15-2018 AM  Help Me, I'm Suffering

04-15-2018 PM  Paul And The Church At Philippi

04-22-2018 AM  Serving By Involving Others

04-22-2018 PM  Be Strong In The Lord

04-29-2018 AM  Serving Without Being Quarrelsome

05-06-2018 AM  Devoted To Loving Jesus More As Our Mediator

05-06-2018 PM  Be Strong In The Lord II

05-13-2018 AM  Serving God With What Is In Our Hand

05-13-2018 PM  Introducing Genesis

05-20-2018 AM  Serving With Compassion

05-20-2018 PM  Introducing Exodus

05-27-2018 AM  Seven Lies Of Satan

05-27-2018 PM  Introducing Leviticus

06-03-2018 AM  Devoted To Loving Jesus More Because Of His Love

06-03-2018 PM  Introducing Numbers

06-10-2018 AM  The Destiny Of The Church

06-10-2018 PM  Introducing Deuteronomy

06-17-2018 AM  What If

06-17-2018 PM  The Gospel's Work In India

06-24-2018 AM  The Parable Of The Wedding Feast

06-24-2018 PM  Introducing Joshua

07-01-2018 AM  Devoted To Loving Jesus More As The Master Teacher

07-01-2018 PM  Introducing Judges

07-08-2018 AM  The Importance Of Family

07-08-2018 PM  Introducing Ruth

07-15-2018 AM  The Importance Of The Spiritual Family

07-15-2018 PM  Introducing First Samuel

07-22-2018 AM  Repentance In Action

07-22-2018 PM  Introducing Second Samuel

07-29-2018 AM  The Holiness Of God

07-29-2018 PM  Introducing First Kings

08-05-2018 AM  A Deeper Love For Jesus As Our Hope

08-05-2018 PM  Introducing Second Kings

08-12-2018 AM  In The World But Not Of The World

08-12-2018 PM  Elijah's Miscalculation

08-19-2018 AM  Forgiveness Of Sin

08-19-2018 PM  Lessons From The Sinful Woman

08-26-2018 AM  O To Be Like Thee

08-26-2018 PM  Introducing First Chronicles

09-02-2018 AM  A Deeper Love For Jesus By His Death

09-09-2018 AM  Four Ways To Shipwreck Our Lives

09-09-2018 PM  Introducing Ezra

09-16-2018 AM  Why Do We Need The Church

09-16-2018 PM  Introducing Nehemiah

09-23-2018 AM  Who Is To Blame, God's View

09-23-2018 PM  Introducing Esther

09-30-2018 AM  Would You Say Yes?

09-30-2018 PM  Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

10-07-2018 AM  Lessons Learned From Pilate

10-07-2018 PM  The Aspects That Make A Strong Faith

10-14-2018 AM  Are We Prepared For The Final Exam

10-14-2018 PM  These Seven Things God Hates

10-21-2018 AM  Lessons To Learn From The Sin Of Ananias And Sapphira

10-28-2018 AM  The Goodness Of God

10-28-2018 PM  The Severity Of God

11-04-2018 AM  Devoted To A Deeper Love Of Jesus As Our Leader

11-04-2018 PM  Introducing Job

11-11-2018 AM  The Exhaltation Of The Family

11-11-2018 PM  Introducing Psalms

11-18-2018 AM  Giving Your Best To God

11-18-2018 PM  Introducing Proverbs

11-25-2018 AM  10 Things For Christians To Be Thankful For