Summer Youth Series

Includes singing, devotional, and fellowship

Every Monday night beginning June 20th at various area churches, ends August 8th

From the Youth Intern to the Youth

June is almost here, which means youth group activities will be coming at you left and right so that we can grow closer to each other and to God! My hope is that we can get you, as a member of the youth, active in something that will allow you to be prepared for future endeavors in all aspects of life. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Camp
  • Summer Youth Series (SYS)
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Weekly Devotionals
  • Movie Nights
  • Service Projects
  • Sunday School Class
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study

I would like to strongly encourage all of you to make an effort to go to these events. Of course if you have any questions you can find me or ask one of the leaders of the congregation for more information. Be blessed! 

Jon Smith

2016 Summer Youth Intern

High School/College

This year I would like the high school and college aged group to begin to practice writing in prayer journals. Of course you have the choice of whether you do it or not, but this is how one will receive a free lunch from me this year. There will be a weekly entry in your journal where you will write a prayer, list, or whatever format works for you based on a prompt or scripture(s) that is given every week and I will post every week what the new prompt or scripture(s) is/are. If you have any questions feel free to text, call, or email me. I have journals for you to use in my office unless you already have one.


-June 5-11. Hebrews 3 -- Help me to be a willing servant with a heart to help others and not myself. To be more like Jesus than Moses.

-June 12-18. Hebrews 4 -- I ask that I have a reason for my actions...

-June 19-25. Hebrews 5--Give me the willingness to mature in my faith through continued study, never to be satisfied but always wanting more of Your knowledge

-June 26-July 2. Hebrews 6--Give me patience for Your promises

-July 3-9. Hebrews 7--Prayer of thanks for a Mediator and High Priest that can empathize with us

-July 10-16. Hebrews 8-10--Prayer of thanks for the new covenant through Jesus whom I can approach with confidence

-July 17-23. Hebrews 11--Let me use those of faith listed as examples for my own, to be persistent and realize that wavering from time to time isn't failing

-July 24-30. Hebrews 12--Give me endurance in my faith, even when I'm tired, weak, or discouraged

-July 31-August 6. Hebrews 13--Use me as Your servant, I am willing because Your will is more important than mine.

These are others that I would like you to do after you read them on your own.

-Psalm 119

-Proverbs 3

-Revelation 3:14-22

-1 John 4-5

I would also encourage you to re-read what you have written as the weeks pass.

Have a good week, pray often and it will become more powerful than you think it is.

Jon Smith

Lakeside Youth Group

with any questions, email the youth intern!

Vacation Bible School

July 25-29

More Info to Come.

Exhibit Evangelism

Exhibit Evangelism is an outreach program that a number of churches around the state participate in at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. For more info, ask Jon! 


[For more info, click on links]

Illinois Christian Camp

Grades 4-8, June 7-11

Grades 9-12, June 12-15​

Little Egypt Christian Youth Camp

Ages 8-10, July 10-14

Ages 11-13, July 17-22

Ages 14-18, July 24-29